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Yay! "The Bridge Chamber" Can Be Read Again.

Six Scary Tales Vol. 4 - Rayne Hall

I often get asked about my short story The Bridge Chamber which was published years ago in the horror anthology Read by Dawn Vol. 1.


At horror conventions, people would come up to me and say "Are you the Rayne Hall who wrote The Bridge Chamber?"


They told me that the story scared them like no other. Years after reading, it still frightened them. 


Unfortunately, the publisher went out of business, and since they owned the rights to the story, I could not publish it elsewhere. The only way anyone could read The Bridge Chamber was by tracking down the book in a used bookshop.


This was vexing, because it's a good story and it deserves to be read.


Now there's good news.  Someone else has bought the rights to the out-of-print Read By Dawn anthologies, and they've given me permission to publish The Bridge Chamber in my own collection.


So here it is, published in Six Scary Tales Vol. 4. 


It's a good story. Scary. I scared myself when I wrote it.